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What is AdSimpli?

Create Ads

Create Facebook or Instagram ads to promote a product or collection from your Shopify store.

Compare Creatives

Help you select the best creatives to use for you ad through its ad preview and side by side comparison tool.

Gain Insights

Manage your ads and see their ROI.

Manage Creatives

Manage your creative assets including images, videos, and texts. Track their ROI's so you know which one is the winner.

Why do you need AdSimpli?

Market on Facebook’s advertising platform

Show your products in front of the billions of users using Facebook’s family of apps and services including Facebook and Instagram.


AdSimpli creates Facebook ads on your behalf using your Facebook business manager account and ad account, which means you can see all the ads created in Facebook Ads Manager. AdSimpli never publishes to your Facebook or Instagram page.

Unlimited number of ads

AdSimpli doesn’t limit the number of ads you can have simultaneously. Feel free to create as many ads as your budget and Facebook ad account allow.

Easy to use ad creation flow tailor made for Shopify

Access the app directly inside the Shopify admin. Promote a product or a collection of your choice. Dedicated to Shopify, AdSimpli simplifies the Facebook ad creation flow by eliminating unnecessary complexities.

Creative centric design

Help you unleash your inner creativity, AdSimpli’s innovative ad preview feature lets you easily create and preview multiple versions of ads by combining different images, videos, texts, and ad placements. Then compare them side by side to select the most visually impactful one.

Data driven decision

Cannot decide which ad creative is the best? Easily create multiple ads to A/B test them and make an informed decision based on their ROI’s.

Creative assets management

Upload all images, videos, and texts that you have previously used or plan to use in future. Gradually build up a repository of creative assets that will come in handy when you need to freshen up your ads or repeat a previous promotion. Powerful search functionality lets you easily sift through the creatives.

Ad reporting

Keep track of the ROI of your ads so you know how well they have performed. Selected metrics including number of orders, revenue, number of view products, and number of add to cart are presented in an easy to digest manner.

Per creative performance data

AdSimpli shows you the ROI of each creative asset including images, videos, and texts so you know which is the winner.

No alteration of the code of your online store

AdSimpli works behind the scene and doesn’t make changes to your online store or theme. So you don’t need to worry about any slowdown when your customers visit your store or any zombie code if you choose to uninstall AdSimpli.

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